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Smash Bros Wii U Animated Smash Bros Wii U Animated

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I think it showed potential. It was a bit short but maybe in the future you could make it longer so both fighters give their all not just one gets their butt kicked. It be cool if you made more like this.

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Primal Champions Primal Champions

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The game was fun. The music is awesome. I think the very first battle music from world 1 against those goblins reminded me of Sony 2 battle music. Pretty nostalgic. The voice actors are good too. The story is cool. The battle system is weird but easy to pick up really quick. The only problem i had was figuring out about those orb powers. I didnt know how to activate them until i saw your comment saying you use R & F. I didnt know that & the game doesnt tell you either or maybe i missed it? Anyways i think those orb powers is kinda lame because having to grind for all those orbs for each character & only get one use? Its such a drag. I would have loved it if you expanded the ability tree a bit more because 2 abilities? really? Thats not enough! you should have added some passive skills or perhaps newer skills rather than those special orbs. Also the rogue character, WHY does that poison ability does NOT poison their enemies!?!?! Rogues are known to poison enemies & watch them take damage from poison every second! why couldnt you do that!!!! The rogue is already squishy enough, maybe it would have been nice to give her those poison dps rather than just a simple hit damage! The pet system is really cool though I dislike the fact that they "randomly" perform an action. WHY random? Make it help you every 10 second or 20 seconds. & they are so weak too, that damaging pet was only hittin for likr 30 damage/40 i think thats too low lol. Also the last boss. Okay he challenging but everytime he change to Wolf form, why does my abilities reset cooldown again? thats bullcrap! you gotta nerf that, hes already difficult enough. Overall i like the concept & everything, just wished you expanded abilities, more abilities, specs perhaps? & passives or small little buffs.

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MonoFlauta responds:

About the R & F keys, it tells you as soon you get level 12 and have 4 orbs in at least one character. Though maybe it was better to make that clearer in the screen with some big R & F like the rest of the skills.
About Nessys poison damage, it should make a small damage per second at early game but in late it makes a lot more. I guess it was our mistake to don't make that more visible but you can check the enemy bar go down.
For the pets, I guess that making it a fixed time would remove the "life" feeling. With a random time it gives you the feel that the pet auto attacks for it's own will. And about the damage, we didn't want to make it too strong but maybe a bit more of damage wasn't a bad idea.
About the boss, the reset cooldown is because if not you would have everything charged and that last part of the battle would be only press everything and done. It was difficult to balance it (and you can see is still a bit unbalanced, not impossible but he is too strong) but maybe making the cooldowns go 50% it would had been a good idea.
For last, about the last recommendantions, well about all the tips, I promise that we will keep everything in mind if we make another game like this :)
Thanks a lot for playing it!

Transmorpher 3 Transmorpher 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very entertaining. Simple. Cool music. Loved it!

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Asgard Story Asgard Story

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Decent Lore, decent artwork. Horrible controls, like really? There are times my characters end up overlapping each other & im unable to select the correct character to move & makes it very frustrating to beat bosses. Also no auto save? Seriously? Why do i have to manually save my progress? Thats just plain stupid. Everytime i try to get out of the battle/story to the main menu it should save what i did previously, but it doesnt! it starts off from where i saved it last time!! Overall, fix controls come up with a better setting and make it autosave your progress if you decide to exit to main menu. Art work, story, boss fights, musi, talents are good & beautiful, the rest is plain horrible.

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LittleGiantWorld responds:

hi, there is auto save every time you win or lose the battle. Feel free to ask us if you had any difficulties with the game.